Why choose us

Our school motto at St. Joseph’s Nursery and Primary School is Work and Steadfastness and it’s the précis of guiding philosophy and principles of the school. At St. Joseph’s, there is a deep belief in dignity of labour that in working towards realization of set goals, individuals should be steadfast; then there is a guarantee of success. One of the contribution factors to the success story of this school is the dedication, selflessness and devotion to duty of the Headmistress and staff right from its beginning. If one relates with past pupils of this great school, one would, upon close observation, notice that they have imbibed the school motto. This is also evident in the behaviour of staff members who are imparting this in the present group of pupils.

What makes us a top nursery and primary school is our team of sound teachers who have solid training and an aggregate experience of many years. Our teachers take out time to tutor every pupil as though it were a class of one teacher to one pupil. This is achieved by pupil participation in class.

Also,learning here involves the use of web technologies which includes online resources and workshops as well as our own made books and other relevant textbooks published in our school eLibrary. Parents get involved here to track tutorials and project work assigned to their wards. Parents or guardians are also able to track a child’s progress with our progress analytics. As such, we dare to be the best primary school in Ilorin.

Over the years, patronage of the school has widened significantly, cutting across all classes of society. The school, from inception, is non discriminatory; pupils are welcomed from any quarters. In the past, we have had one of the sons of Waziri Ibrahim (GNPP Governorship candidate and Publisher of national Democrat Newspaper) and foreigners like Jagdeed Singh (now a US based Indian Aeronautical Engineer) as pupils here. We have just mentioned these to show the wide range of patronage. We shall later learn of some notable individuals who were at St. Joseph’s. At present, all classes of society are represented among the pupils of St. Joseph’s but you don’t notice because all are treated alike.